Dynamics, Nanoscopy & Chemometrics (DyNaChem)


  • 2 positions starting October 2020 as Ph.D students are opened  in the frame of the LAI with KULeuven and of the LIA with ENS Paris-Saclay and U. Osaka. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible!!

1. U. Lille - KULeuven Ph.D. in chemometrics/image analysis in the frame of the International Laboratory High Performance Fluorescence Microscopy, contact, contact Pr. C. Ruckebusch
2. CNRS Ph.D. in the frame of French-Japanese International Research Project NANO-SYNERGETICS: “Nano-Synergy between fluorescent proteins and metallic nanoparticles to design new nano-probes for super-resolution imaging”, contact Dr. M. Sliwa

  • New publication in Nature Communication: Photoswitching mechanism of a fluorescent protein revealed by time-resolved crystallography and transient absorption spectroscopy, 2020, DOI
  • New publication in Analytica Chimica Acta : A spatial constraint to model and extract texture components in Multivariate Curve Resolution of near-infrared hyperspectral images, 2020, DOI


Scientists (2019-2020):
Aude BOUCHET (Assistant Professor IUT, MCF) 0000-0002-4765-8876
Olivier DEVOS (Assistant Professor Polytech'Lille, MCF) olivier-devos 0000-0002-3354-0420
Mahdiyeh GHAFFARI (Post Doctorate)
Cyril RUCKEBUSCH (Professor Polytech'Lille) 0000-0001-8120-4133
Michel SLIWA (Director CNRS-Team Leader) 0000-0002-5073-8180
Raffaele VITALE (Post Doctorate-KULeuven)0000-0002-7497-1673

Doctoral students (2019-2020):

Mohamad AHMAD (co-tutelle, U. Modena)
Dario CEVOLI (co-tutelle, KULeuven)
Ali EFTEKHARI (Region / Univ. Lille / IRP Nano-synergetics)
Lucas MARTINEZ URIARTE (co-direction, Dr. M. Weik Institut de Biologie Structurale)
Stanislaw NIZINSKI (co-direction, Pr. G. Burdzinski Adam Mickiewicz University)

Master Students, Visitors, Invited (2019-2020):

Cedric Mittelheisser Master 2 (6 months, ENS Paris-Saclay), Hassan Alsabea Doctoral student (1 week, U. Rennes), Gotard Burdzinski Professor (2 sem., Adam Mickiewicz University) Asmund RINNAN Professor (2 sem., Copenhagen University) Patricia FIRMANI Doctoral student (3 months, U. Rome) Tatsuhiro NAGASAKA Doctoral student (1 month, Osaka Univ.) Keisuke NAGAMINE Master (3 months, U. Yamagata), Nicolas MILLECAMPS DUT (2 months, Univ. Lille)

Research & SKILL

Members of the team "Dynamics, Nanoscopy and Chemometrics" are interested in micro- and nano-imaging of photoactive bio-systems, particularly the study of the photochemistry & photodynamics of molecules, proteins and emissive organic and hybrid nanoparticles for super-resolution fluorescence biological imaging. Our speciality is hyperspectral & super-resolved nanometer-scale imaging of ultrafast processes, and the development of new instrumentation and methodologies for the analysis of these hyperspectral super-resolved data. Our goal is to build detailed photochemical and photophysical models of new and commercial photo-active systems to optimize their use and the development of new bio-materials.

KEY Words

  • Photochemistry, Photochromism, Time-resolved spectroscopy, Fluorescence, Imaging, Single molecule, Polarisation
  • Chemometrics, Data analysis, Image analysis, Hyperspectral, Spectral unmixing, Super-resolution, Deconvolution
  • Organic  & hybrid luminescent Nanoparticles, Photo-active proteins

Techniques & Methods

  • Single photon timing, Femtosecond transient absorption, Nanosecond flash photolysis

TEAM's News

22 Apr. 2020. Second team meeting during Covid-19
17 Mar. 2020. First team meeting during Covid-19
22 Feb. 2020. Welcome (1 week) of Hassan Alsabea for time-resolved experiments, Doctoral student of U. Rennes
18 Feb. 2020. Aude & Ali attended the Picoquant 12th International Course on time resolved microscopy
11 Feb. 2020. Visit / Seminar of Dr. M. Surrin, U. Mons
1 Feb. 2020. Welcome Cedric Mittelheisser (6 month), Master 2 student of ENS Paris-Saclay
20 Jan. 2020. Visit / experiments (1 weeks) of Lucas to Japan in Abe sensei laboratory
6 Jan. 2020. Congratulation to Dario for his oral presentation at QBI 2020
1 Jan. 2020. Starting of the LAI Lille-KULeuven, High Performance Fluorescence Nano-imaging

28 Nov. 2019 Congratulation to Siewert Hugelier for the prize of the best Ph.D. thesis 2019 « Recherche Internationale en Sciences et Technologies »
15 Nov. 2019. Visit / Seminar of Dr. Siewert Hugelier, KU Leuven
1 Nov. 2019. Welcome (3 years) of Ali Eftekahri, new doctorale student (Region / Lille / LIA)
4 Oct. 2019. Congratulation to Lucas lauréat for the best poster prize (ACS Omega) at Let there be…LIGHT! Conference
15 Sept. 2019. Welcome (2 weeks) of Prof. Gotard Burdzinski, Inivted Professor U. Adam Mickiewicz
1 Sept. 2019. Welcome (1 year) de Dario Cevoli, Doctorale student co-tutelle KULeuven
1 Sept. 2019. Welcome Stanislaw Nizinski (6 month), Doctorale student of U. Adam Mickiewicz
27 Aout 2019. Congratulation to Stanislaw & Lucas for their oral presentation at Light&Life 2019 Conference
17 Jul. 2019. Visit / Seminar of Dr. T. Ha-Duhong, U. Paris Diderot
3 Jun. 2019. Accueil de Ali Efthekahri, Chercheur invité
4 Avr. 2019. Visit / Seminar of Dr. M. Cammarata, U. Rennes
1 Avr. 2019. Welcome (1 month) of Tatsuhiro Nagasaka, Doctorale student of U. Osaka
1 Avr. 2019. Welcome (4 months) of Nicolas Millecamps, 2nd Year DUT U. Lille
1 Mar. 2019. Welcome (6 months) of Mahdiyeh Ghaffari, Post Doctorate
28 Feb. 2019. Visit / Seminar of Pr. S. Meech, U. East Anglia
10 Feb. 2019. Visit / Seminar of Pr. T. Asahi, U. Ehime
10 Jan. 2019. Welcome (7 months) of Patricia Firmani, Doctorale student of U. Rome
1 Jan. 2019. Starting of l'ANR DynOCP

Recent Publications

  • Photoswitching mechanism of a fluorescent protein revealed by time-resolved crystallography and transient absorption spectroscopy, Nature Communication, 2020, DOI
  • Essential Spectral Pixels for Multivariate Curve Resolution of Chemical Images, Analytical Chemistry, 2019, DOI
  • Photochemical multivariate curve resolution models for the investigation of photochromic systems under continuous irradiation, Analytica Chimica Acta, 2019, DOI
  • Chromophore twisting in the excited state of a photoswitchable fluorescent protein captured by time-resolved serial femtosecond crystallography, Nature Chemistry, 2018, DOI
  • Fusion of Ultraviolet–Visible and Infrared Transient Absorption Spectroscopy Data to Model Ultrafast Photoisomerization, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2017, DOI
  • Sparse deconvolution of high-density super-resolution images, Scientific Reports, 2016, DOI


  • LAI Lille-KULeuven, International Laboratory on High Performance Fluorescence Nano-imaging
  • ANR PRC DynOCP, Time resolved insights into the photo-activation mechanism of OCP by combined ultrafast optical spectroscopy and serial femtosecond crystallography.
  • LIA Nano-synergetics French-Japan, Photo-active Nanomaterials with Cooperative and Synergetic Responses
  • ANR PRCE Blink, Multi-luminescent up-converting nanohybrids with controlled blinking for super-resolution imaging and single particle tracking
  • ANR PRC BioXfel, Elucidating structural intermediates of fluorescent proteins using X-ray free electron lasers and ultra-fast UV-visible and infrared spectroscopies
  • ANR JCJC Ultrafast Nanoscopy, Understanding energy and charge carrier dynamics in fluorescent organic nanoparticles: ultrafast and high resolution microscopy