Séminaire de André Estevez-Torres

01 octobre 2021 par Myriam Moreau [TheChamp-Sharing]
Le jeudi 14 octobre à 10h30 en salle de séminaire du LASIRE C8 1er étage
Vous êtes cordialement invités au prochain séminaire du laboratoire
Synthetic materials inspired by embryo development
proposé par
André Estevez-Torres
du Laboratoire Jean Perrin, CNRS and Sorbonne Université, Paris.
Living embryos can be seen as complex materials that change their shape and composition following physico-chemical rules. I will show a strategy to build synthetic materials whose composition and shape change following mechanisms inspired by embryo development. To do so I will introduce two types of systems: DNA molecular programs that self-organize in space and time through reaction and diffusion [1], and active gels made of cytoskeletal proteins that autonomously generate forces and mouvement [2]. After investigating the properties of these systems separately, I will show that they can be coupled chemo-mechanically displaying complex behaviors reminiscent of living systems [3]. 
[1] Zadorin AS, et al (2017) Synthesis and materialization of a reaction–diffusion french flag pattern. Nature Chemistry.
[2] Senoussi A, et al (2019) Tunable corrugated patterns in an active gel sheet, PNAS.
[3] Senoussi et al (2021) Programmed mechano-chemical coupling in reaction-diffusion active matter; and Vyborna et al (2021) DNA-controlled Spatio-temporal Patterning of a Cytoskele-tal Active Gel, bioRxiv.

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