Séminaire de Mathieu Surin

29 January 2020 par Myriam Moreau [TheChamp-Sharing]
le mardi 11/02/2020 à 10h30 dans la salle du conseil du département chimie (C8 1er étage).

Vous êtes invités au prochain séminaire organisé par le laboratoire :

Supramolecular assemblies of DNA and p-conjugated molecules

par  Mathieu Surin maître de recherches du F.R.S.-FNRS et chargé de cours à temps partiel à l’université de Mons


DNA is a chiral biomolecule with a formidable information density, and as such it has been utilized as a template to achieve for example, sequence-controlled polymers, helical supramolecular structures, and complex 3D chiral shapes with sub-nm resolution.[1-3] In this context, our seminar will report our latest results on a series of cationic p-conjugated molecules and polymers, which show unique chiroptical signatures upon DNA binding. We show that these signatures are strongly DNA sequence-dependent, and we explore the effects of chiral induction, self-assembly, and cooperativity.[4,5] Two examples are discussed: i) the templating of an azobenzene-based photoactive molecule, which can reversibly switches from trans to cis configurations in interaction with DNA, is utilized to modulate the assembly of a multichromophoric stack along the DNA template; ii) the helical wrapping of a polythiophene around DNA, which allows us to monitor an enzymatic activity (the cleavage of DNA by an endonuclease) through chiroptical signals in real time.[6,7]



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