Dynamics, Nanoscopy & Chemometrics (DyNaChem)



  • Don’t forget to register to CAC2022 co-organised by the team and held in Rome, 29 August-2 September 2022 (https://cac2022.sciencesconf.org/)
  • New International project: Cyril Ruckebusch and Peter Dedecker (KULeuven) who got an « International Chair » of the ISITE ULNE (WILL project of the PIA3 IDEES call) on the developement of  high-performance, high-resolution fluorescence microscope for 3D imaging of biological tissues.
  • Welcome back to Laureen Coic, now as a post-doc in the group in the frame of the ANR IMAGIN.
  • New Publication in Dyes and Pigments: Cisoid-cis intermediate plays a crucial role in decolouration rate in photochromic reaction of 8H-pyranoquinazolines and 3H-naphthopyrans, DOI
  • New Publication in J. Phys. Chem. Lett.: Structural Information about the trans-to-cis Isomerization Mechanism of the Photoswitchable Fluorescent Protein rsEGFP2 Revealed by Multiscale Infrared Transient Absorption, DOI
  • New Publication in Energy & Environmental Materials: Moisture-Induced Non-Equilibrium Phase Segregation in Triple Cation Mixed Halide Perovskite Monitored by In Situ Characterization Techniques and Solid-State NMR, DOI
  • New International project with Professor Syoji Ito team from Osaka University (KAKENHI – Promotion of Joint International Research, MEXT)
  • Welcome to Alessandra Olarini as new PhD student (co-tutelle, U. Modena) (Nov. 2021)
  • Welcome to Cedric Mittelheisser as new PhD student(Sept 2021)
  • Welcome to Raffaele Vitale as new Assistant Professor at Polytech’Lille (Sept. 2021)
  • New Publication in ACS Ohmega: Assessing the Resolution of Methyltransferase-Mediated DNA Optical Mapping, 2021, DOI
  • New publication in Analytical Chemistry: Multivariate Curve Resolution Slicing of Multiexponential Time-Resolved Spectroscopy Fluorescence Data, 2021, DOI
  • New Publication within ANR SNAPsHOTs in Science: Mechanism and dynamics of fatty acid photodecarboxylase, 2021, DOI & Lille News: Des Algues et une enzyme pour les biocarburants
  • Congratulations to Ali Eftekhari for his poster prize at the UPCON conference  (Apr. 2021).
  • Welcome to Adrian Gomez as new PhD student (co-tutelle, U. Barcelona) (Apr. 2021)
  • Welcome to Nazanin Saburouhvahid as new PhD student (co-tutelle, KULeuven) (Apr. 2021)
  • Congratulations to Lucas M. Uriarte for his oral Ph.D. defense (Jan. 2021).
  • New publication within ANR Mesomorphics in Angewandte Chemie: Photoactive Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials with Nanosegregated Donor–Acceptor Arrays, 2021, DOI
  • Congratulations to Ali Eftekhari for his oral presentation prize at the French Swiss Photochemistry Symposium (Jan. 2021).


Scientists (2019-2020):
Aude BOUCHET (Assistant Professor IUT, MCF) 0000-0002-4765-8876
Olivier DEVOS (Assistant Professor Polytech’Lille, MCF) olivier-devos 0000-0002-3354-0420
Cyril RUCKEBUSCH (Professor Polytech’Lille) 0000-0001-8120-4133
Michel SLIWA (Director CNRS-Team Leader) 0000-0002-5073-8180
Raffaele VITALE (Assistant Professor Polytech’Lille, MCF) 0000-0002-7497-1673
Laureen COIC (Assistant Researcher, ANR Imagin)

Doctoral students (2019-2021):

Alessandra Olarini (co-tutelle, U. Modena)
Cedric Mittelheisser (ENS Paris Saclay)
Adrian Gomez (co-tutelle, U. Barcelona)
Nazanin Saburouhvahid (co-tutelle, KULeuven)
Xingjie Fu (co-direction, ENS Paris Saclay, CNRS IRP Nano-synergetics)
Mohamad Ahmad (co-tutelle, U. Modena)
Dario Cevoli (co-tutelle, KULeuven)
Ali Eftekhari (Region / Univ. Lille / IRP Nano-synergetics)
Stanislaw Nizinski (co-direction, Pr. G. Burdzinski Adam Mickiewicz University)

Master Students (2021):

Julia Spinachi (6 months, U. Rome)
Clara Wattiez (6 Months, U. Lille)
Cedric Mittelheisser Master 2 / Pre-doctoral (11 Months, ENS Paris-Saclay)

Research & SKILL

Members of the team « Dynamics, Nanoscopy and Chemometrics » are interested in micro- and nano-imaging of photoactive bio-systems, particularly the study of the photochemistry & photodynamics of molecules, proteins and emissive organic and hybrid nanoparticles for super-resolution fluorescence biological imaging. Our speciality is hyperspectral & super-resolved nanometer-scale imaging of ultrafast processes, and the development of new instrumentation and methodologies for the analysis of these hyperspectral super-resolved data. Our goal is to build detailed photochemical and photophysical models of new and commercial photo-active systems to optimize their use and the development of new bio-materials.


  • Photochemistry, Photochromism, Time-resolved spectroscopy, Fluorescence, Imaging, Single molecule, Polarisation
  • Chemometrics, Data analysis, Image analysis, Hyperspectral, Spectral unmixing, Super-resolution, Deconvolution
  • Organic & hybrid luminescent Nanoparticles, Photo-active proteins

Techniques & Methods

  • Single photon timing, Femtosecond transient absorption, Nanosecond flash photolysis

SELECTED Publications

  • Structural Information about the trans-to-cis Isomerization Mechanism of the Photoswitchable Fluorescent Protein rsEGFP2 Revealed by Multiscale Infrared Transient Absorption, 2022, DOI
  • Multivariate Curve Resolution Slicing of Multiexponential Time-Resolved Spectroscopy Fluorescence Data, Analtycal Chemistry, 2021, DOI
  • Photoswitching mechanism of a fluorescent protein revealed by time-resolved crystallography and transient absorption spectroscopy, Nature Communication, 2020, DOI
  • Essential Spectral Pixels for Multivariate Curve Resolution of Chemical Images, Analytical Chemistry, 2019, DOI
  • Photochemical multivariate curve resolution models for the investigation of photochromic systems under continuous irradiation, Analytica Chimica Acta, 2019, DOI
  • Chromophore twisting in the excited state of a photoswitchable fluorescent protein captured by time-resolved serial femtosecond crystallography, Nature Chemistry, 2018, DOI

On-GOING Projects

  • DEEPSEE project (International Chair, ISITE ULNE): High performance 3D bioimaging
  • KAKENHI – Promotion of Joint International Research, MEXT (DyNaChem team – Pr. Syoji Ito Osaka Univ.) “Super-resolved nanometer-scale imaging of energy transfer in organic solids using upconversion nanoparticles as nanometric excitation sources”
  • ANR PRC Imagin, Active molecular imaging and unmixing, ANR-21-CE29-0007
  • ANR PRC UltrArchae, Ultrafast structural dynamics of Archaerhodopsin–3 in its fluorescent state
  • LAI Lille-KULeuven, International Laboratory on High Performance Fluorescence Nano-imaging
  • ANR PRC MESOMORPHICS, Mesomorph POM-based hybrids materials for photonics, ANR-20-CE06-0021
  • ANR PRC DynOCP, Time resolved insights into the photo-activation mechanism of OCP by combined ultrafast optical spectroscopy and serial femtosecond crystallography, ANR-18-CE11-0005
  • IRP Nano-synergetics French-Japan, Photo-active Nanomaterials with Cooperative and Synergetic Responses
  • ANR PRC BioXfel, Elucidating structural intermediates of fluorescent proteins using X-ray free electron lasers and ultra-fast UV-visible and infrared spectroscopies, ANR-15-CE32-0004