PCE – Analytical, methodological and instrumental developments

Analyses and methodological/instrumental developments are at the heart of the PCE team’s activities. We propose here our main current research areas in this field:

  • Chemical characterization of natural organic matter using molecular fluorescence spectroscopy, steric exclusion chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques;
  • Mechanisms of complexation between transition metals and organic ligands with a wide variety of sites by combining molecular spectroscopy and quantum chemistry calculations;
  • Development of passive samplers for the measurement of metallic and organic micropollutants in water;
  • Development of electrochemical procedures for on line measurements in watercourses ;
  • Study of the physico-chemical processes of organic/inorganic aerosols in the Laboratory by time-resolved Raman micro-spectrometry and time-resolved fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM);
  • Aerosol reactivity at the scale of the single particle by optical and acoustic levitation.

Thématiques de l’équipes PCE: