PCE – Environmental applications

At the atmospheric level, we are particularly interested in the fate of atmospheric aerosols at the scale of individual particles. We will focus the study on the transformations of individual pollen grains deposited on support or levitated in an environmental chamber and exposed to polluting gases and/or light to give finally some insights on their allergenic effects in relation to air quality.

For water sciences in the field, studies on specific aquatic ecosystems will be carried out. 4 major environmental applications will be explored, supported by regional, national and international projects: (i) monitoring of contaminants in groundwater south of Lille; (ii) impact of metal and organic contaminants on organisms; (iii) dynamic monitoring of contaminants at different time scales in a context of climate change; and (iv) contaminant removal processes by adsorption and photolysis for waste and drinking water.

Les thématiques de l’équipes PCE: